In ENG 094 we’re talking about networks as one non-cognitive issue that has an impact on college success. You’ve probably heard the phrase “it’s not what you know, but who you know.” To an extent, this is true. While both knowledge and networks matter, if you have knowledge but no network, you’re at a disadvantage compared to your peers. Here’s a link to the Michigan Radio documentary, “Connections: The Power of Networks,” that we listened to in class.

If you want to read more about networks, I’ve included some links below.

No one is a stranger: harness the power of networking from Zendesk

Detroit Young Professionals – a student in ENG 132 last semester researched this organization!

The Power of Networks and Women of Color: Scholar Reflection, on homogeneity in the journalism industry and finding strength in the collective

Connections That Count: The Informal Networks Of Women Of Color In The United States from Catalyst

Manuel Lima on the Power of Knowledge Networks in the Age of Infinite Connectivity on BrainPickings; this is less about personal networks and more about visualizing knowledge.

Student Clubs and Organizations at HFC

To expand your network, you might look for organizations within your field of study; professional organizations sometimes have reduced cost memberships for students. See if your community or neighborhood has town hall meetings if local politics interest you. Use social media to your advantage; you can search for events nearby as well. is another good resource. Make it your goal for the semester to find at least one person who can help you get closer to your dreams, whatever they might be.


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