ENG 094 Syllabus


Winter 2017

Instructor: Chelsea A. Lonsdale

Email: calonsdale@hfcc.edu (use your HawkMail email accounts ONLY)

Office: N 223 (Campus Safety Bldg)

Office Hours: MW 11a-1pm, TR 12:30-2:30pm, and by appointment

Instructor Website: https://lonsdalecomposition.wordpress.com

Sections: ENG 094-11 meets MWF 10:08a-11:00a in K-224

Course Description

This course is intended for students whose placement review indicates the need for additional instructional support in order for them to be successful in ENG 131. ENG 094 is a co-requisite of ENG 131A as part of the Accelerated Learning Program and provides writing, reading, study skills, and non-cognitive instructional support of the ENG 131 curriculum. Course work will help students develop as college writers and readers through discussion, workshop, homework, and occasional reading and writing assignments that complement ENG 131 work.

Goal Statement

The primary goal of ENG 094 is to help students become successful readers and writers in college. The course is explicitly designed as an accelerated learning class, pairing individualized developmental coursework with college-level coursework in order to help students more efficiently develop their college level reading and writing skills. Students should be engaged in developing their literacy and academic capabilities while receiving support for non-cognitive issues as they progress through the co-requisite ENG 131 curriculum.

What can I expect from this specific section of ENG 094?

This section of ENG 094 focuses on literacy development in personal, academic, and professional spheres. While support for ENG 131 assignments will be prioritized, most of our work will be unique to our class and your individual needs. A significant portion of your grade is based on participation: showing up, doing the work, and demonstrating investment in your own learning experience. ENG 094 assignments include weekly short writing assignments in response to readings and discussion, group activities, a project that explores sites of learning, and a final reflection.

Core Course Topics

(* indicates critical thinking objectives)

Rhetorical Awareness

  1. Situational writing
  2. Writing for audiences
  3. Academic and non-academic voice
  4. Rhetorical genres and modes
  5. Standardized language recognition

Writing Process

  1. Understanding contexts and assignments
  2. Developing topics and ideas
  3. Writing drafts
  4. Workshop and feedback
  5. Revision
  6. Editing and proofreading

Academic Skills

  1. Writing the academic essay
  2. Academic integrity
  3. Academic engagement
  4. Campus culture and academic support
  5. Study skills


  1. Vocabulary development
  2. Narrative and expository text work
  3. Disciplinary reading

Non-Cognitive Learning Issues

  1. External and internal influences on education
  2. Student services
  3. Emotions and learning
  4. Resistance and classroom engagement

Core Course Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate success in ENG-131.
  2. Determine appropriate resources to call upon for assistance with academic and non-cognitive difficulties.
  3. Adapt reading and writing strategies for application across the curriculum.

General Course Requirements and Recommendations

  1. At least two individual conferences focusing on student reading and writing practices.
  2. Formal instruction in academic reading.
  3. An attendance/participation policy in accordance with instructor’s ENG-131 attendance policy.

Required Texts and Materials

  • See ENG 131 materials
  • The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer, ISBN 9781455581092

Bring your materials to class with you every day, unless otherwise specified!

Assessment of Academic Achievement

All assessment of student achievement is left to the discretion of the individual instructor. Assessment of ENG 094 is NOT contingent upon assessment in the co-requisite ENG 131 class. ENG 094 replaces the ENG 093 and ENG 081 developmental sequence to accelerate enrollment into college level coursework. Students must earn a grade of S (satisfactory) in ENG 094 to meet their developmental English requirements before advancing to their next college level writing class. Students who do not pass ENG 094 must reenter the standard developmental sequence to take ENG 093 and, if necessary, ENG 081.

ENG 094 is a pass/fail course. In order to pass ENG 094 with a grade of “S”, you must earn a minimum of 75% (or 75/100 points). You must also complete all required assignments. Students who do not meet these requirements will earn a grade of “U,” which is not a passing grade.


Presence and Participation: 50pts

Weekly Writing Assignments: 25pts

Sites of Learning Presentation: 25pts

Total: 100 pts

75-100=S, below 75=U

All ENG 131 policies apply to ENG 094 as well.


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